Sacred Heart

Infinite Possibility

What you may experience during a session:

Timelessness, Agelessness and Spacelessness

Access to the Zero Point Field

Altered and Expanded States of Awareness and Consciousness

Being One with Source, Creative Power and Potential

Safety and Trust in the Universe

Attunement with Your Sacred Path and Soul Purpose

Deep Relaxation and Well Being

Enhanced Intuition and Clairvoyance

Direct Experience of Your Multi-Dimensional Self and Universe

Beneficial Chi Flow and Circulation

Visions, Images, Light, Color, Sound

Flashes of Insight and Profound Realizations

Connection to Guides, Angels and Helpers

Receiving Clear Inner Guidance and Direction

Spiritual Understanding


The Spirit of Play

Lightness of Being



Emotional Release

Spontaneous Movement

Relief from Pain

Relief from Tension

Relief from Stress

Relief from Symptoms

Transforming “Wounds” into Wisdom

Freedom in Body, Mind and Spirit







Soul Retrieval

Remembering Your Authentic Nature and Joy





What you may experience after a session:

Heart Opening

Living Your Sacred Purpose

Increased Vitality


Self Esteem and Confidence

Inspired Creativity

Expressing Your Gift, Talents and Soul’s Abilities

Deepening and Expansion of Intuitive Gifts and Clairvoyance

Receptivity to Clear Divine Guidance



Clarity of Priorities and Values

Alignment with Purpose

Making Clear Decisions and Being in Action

Living In the Flow of Life

Responding to Life in a New Way

New Perspective and Perceptions

Welcoming New Opportunities

Being Offered New Opportunities in Work, Relationships and Creativity

Decrease or Disappearance of Old Patterns Including Pain, Symptoms, Challenges and Obstacles

Renewed Sense of Connection to Life, Nature and Your Authentic Self

Knowing Your Place in the Universe

Enhanced Well Being and Health

Forgiveness of Self and Others

Resolving Relationships

Finding New Love

Letting Go of What You Have Been “Putting Up” With

Release of Limiting Habitual Patterns

Reclaiming of Power

Making Choices From a Place of Empowerment

Living in Alignment with Your Truth

Opening in Self Expression and Communication

Conscious Manifesting

Creating Abundance

Feeling Connected to What is Meaningful

Increased Speed in Recovery

Facilitation and Acceleration of Your Natural Ability to Heal Yourself and Others


In Love, in light, all things are made possible…