Sacred Heart


2021 Schedule of Shamanic Breathwork Events

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The Shamanic Breathwork Experience
with Mariko, Certified Master Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator
To honor our present circumstances, sessions are now
being offered via Zoom.

Please check back for upcoming events...
Looking forward to sharing a life transforming and magical 
soul adventure with you!

As Shamanic Breathwork can bring up intense and powerful physical and
emotional experiences, it is advised to check with your licensed medical/legal professional before participating. 
Shamanic Breathwork is not recommended for those with cardio-vascular challenges,
epilepsy, recent surgeries and/or injuries, pregnancy, psychosomatic
and/or mental-emotional health challenges.

Registration fees on classes and one day 
workshops reserve your space and
are non-refundable but can be transferred to a friend for the SAME class.
Deposits on weekend intensives reserve your space and are non-refundable.