"One of the opportunities of human incarnation
is to remember the Love that we are..."
 Sacred Heart


“Mariko is one of the advanced Interior Alignment Practitioners and has the ability to establish life changing
and transformational experiences for her clients and students. I highly recommend her services.”
Denise Linn, Author of “Sacred Space” and “Feng Shui for the Soul”

“My experience during my session was completely unexpected. I was amazed at how Mariko was able to tap into the very heart of the issues I secretly hoped to heal. I experienced a physical, mental and emotional clearing unlike any I had ever felt before. Most interesting was how quickly and accurately Mariko honed in on the issues I was dealing with without ever having discussed them with her. Mariko is a rare treasure among healers from her ability to depart from the dimension of limitation. She has discovered without pretension that all power is available to each of us and is making use of it to affect profound healing results. It is with the deepest of love and appreciation that I thank you for results that have literally brought me to a space of infinite possibility.”
M.C., Martial Artist, Healer and Teacher

"Thank you for the magical clearing, insight, kind support and inspiration that have enhanced
both my outer environment and inner sacred space.”  L.S., Teacher

"Mariko has unique and powerful skills that are effective, insightful and inspiring. She works in all the realms of experience: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Her gentle approach and 'seeing,' along with her ability to find meaning and shift what she is seeing into concrete changes for my highest good, has been nothing short of miraculous.

In another session, she scanned my body and saw the pattern underlying the 'problem' of not being able to sleep.
She assisted me in shifting my limiting beliefs and as a result, I started to feel attractive again and fall asleep more easily.  Thank you Mariko!"
R. K., LCSW, Licenced Psychotherapist Certified Matrix Energetics Practiioner, Certified Theta Healing Practitioner

“Good grief! Since our session, I’ve been on a winning streak and so many positive events continue to unfold.”
G.P., Trainer

“I received a clear vision of my next project in full detail. I feel connected with my soul purpose and am very inspired.” M.G., Artist

“I am so very grateful for your messages and images that I will use often to keep my heart open and  light. 
My spirit feels renewed. Thank you dearest Angel.” B.P., Counselor

“I truly thank you for the gentle, powerful and healing pictures that you paint for me. They stay with me
and continue to cleanse and soothe my soul.” P.K., Broker

“Thank you so much for the session a couple of weeks ago.  I can't even begin to tell you how transformational it
was and is and probably will be for a long time. What I notice all the time is how my outlook has transformed and that changes everything--relations with myself (much more loving and trusting) and others.  Now miracles and changes just keep happening on a daily basis, and I am having so much more fun.  There are challenges too, but along with them come solutions, especially health wise right now.  I think I need to make some basic shifts, and they are the motivation.  What I find now is that after our session, I can eat so many more things than I could before.  Actually, no matter what I had tried to do, nothing worked as far as diets or foods went. I am more self confident and can reach out to others and be helpful, where before I couldn't seem to get anything right, or maybe I just usually had the perception that my efforts weren't quite right. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again and give you a short update.
I'll keep in touch with further adventures!” L.S.

“I INSTANTLY felt better and continue to feel better everyday. Thank you for the amazing session.
I think you're purely magic!!!”  S.P., Astrologer

“Since my first session, six long standing emotional entanglements have come to an end (some that had been with me for over a decade!). A new basis has been put in place. I also noticed that instead of repeatly taking the same pictures from the 1000’s I’ve shot,  I had instant access to every photo on the tip of my brain while shooting in the moment." C.M., Photographer

“I am so happy that my ability to see clairvoyantly and so vividly opened up during and after my session.” R.T.

“Since our work yesterday, I have found a peace, joy and clarity inside that is remarkable.
I trust and know what is important for me and am coming from a place of making meaningful choices.
I am mentioning the miracle of the session to my friends.” M.L., Business Manager

“What a beautiful, compassionate, gracious person and a true gift.”  A K., Massage Therapist

“Thank you for the immense healing I experienced with my father.” S.L., Investor

“I am amazed at how instantly shifts happened and how far reaching and lasting they have been.
I am still noticing the rippling of effects from the session I had over a year ago!
Nothing less than everything has changed for the best. Thank you.” H.B., Photographer

“I was happy to connect with my angels for the very first time.” K.T

“Business floodgates have opened. You hit a lot of ‘bulls eyes,’which are still reverberating…” I.M.

“I was connected to a cosmic force, which fed and nourished my every cell.” J.P., Minister

“In my first session, I let go of the tremendous guilt I have been carrying around with me
for over 30 years. I can’t tell you how freeing that is.” B.P., Teacher