Sacred Heart


Mariko, CSBF,  CSC, MPIA

Certified Master Facilitator Shamanic Breathwork 
Ordained Shamanic Minister
Certified Soul Coach
Certified Angel Guide
Certified Master Practitioner Interior Alignment
Facilitator at The Sanctuary at Sedona, the Sedona Intenstive and Digestive Wellness Center

"Mariko" means "Child of Truth."
Beginning from the early age of 5, Mariko was taught in "dreamtime" and visions
of the past, present and future and was aware of the radiant light emitting
from people, places and nature...
By age 8, she began to study the works of Edgar Cayce, the light body, the power of the subconscious
and that which was part of our natural visible and invisible world 
and has shared a lifetime of experience with native teachers and healers
from traditions, cultures and philosophies throughout the world.

She first discovered the life changing power of the breath
while apprenticing with a Chumash medicine woman in the 1980's as well as working
with the transformational nature of Rebirthing breathwork,
then years later receiving extensive training and certification
through Venus Rising Association of Transformation
with visionary medicine teacher and founder of Shamanic Breathwork Linda Star Wolf,
grand daughter of Seneca Wolf Clan Elder, Twylah Nitsch.

Mariko is honored to share the profound life altering  
Shamanic Breathwork Experience
with individuals, partners, families, groups and retreat and healing centers.
She has witnessed and experienced personally and professionally
through the work with clients, colleagues, friends and family members
some of the most evolutionary soul work through this highly accelerated pathway.

Her gifts of compassion and intuition have been a contribution
to people of all backgrounds and ages around the world.
Some of her rich background includes working in the fields of Shamanic and Holistic practices,
Shamanic Breathwork, Consciousness Technologies, Matrix Energetics,
Shamanic Feng Shui and Angel Therapy.
bridging the fields of spirituality, quantum physics, consciousness and subtle energy medicine.

Mariko is dedicated to peace within and peace upon the planet.
She shares the realization that as we re-awaken
to our true spiritual essence as well as the fullness of our humanity,
what is revealed to us is our natural state of wholeness, well being, 
compassion and authentic creative expression of our sacred purpose and gifts.

"Joy is the truth and light of our being."

"I have met teachers and healers of all walks of life. Mariko is a true seer and shaman…
She offers her gifts in a way that reconnect people with their own shaman within.
I am with a deep remembrance and connection and feel empowered.
This experience has opened up a way of being with the Truth within myself.
Isn’t that what true healing is about?"