Sacred Heart


Quantum Sessions


  INFINITE POSSIBILITIES SESSIONS are truly a unique experience as we work in the extraordinary realm
of quantum potential, where even the apparent boundaries of time and space no longer apply.

This highly experiential journey is not an ordinary “reading,” therapy, “channeling or running of energy”
or healing technique/modality.

  An INFINITE POSSIBILITIES SESSION is a sojourn into one’s Heart and essential core Truth,
while experiencing the potential alchemy of new and expanded states of consciousness and well being.
It is not about looking into the future...
It is about illuminating the Bright Star within and living from this awakened,
illuminated and expanded state in the PRESENT.

We are accessing patterns of light and information in one’s hologram

In playing in the quantum field, patterns may instantly “collapse,” transmute or transform,
where new potential is then possible.

This can be highly palpable and the client will often feel these shifts occurring during the session.

Visions, images and life themes are often revealed and communicated as possibilities in the here and now.
These states seem to act as new templates and magical activation points, which ripple throughout one’s life.
This may show up as new feeling states, experiences, major life enhancing changes and even “miracles”
occurring in health, relationships, career, creativity, connection to higher source, etc.

Only that which is for one’s highest inspiration, well being and potential is communicated and offered.

Sacred space is held for each individual to access their own healing journey,
sacred vision and core inner wisdom
which reverberates as a spiral throughout their life.

Many continue to express that what is most meaningful and empowering is what has been reawakened and realized in the session…Many also express experiencing a deep sense of the sacred, a connection to innate truth, wisdom and guidance, transformational states of being and life changes, the inspiration to express one’s natural potential, talents and gifts, as well as a lightness of being where laughter, fun, play and magic live in the joyful remembrance of one’s radiant light.

Pets and animals often respond quickly and miraculously.The animal kingdom, through their incredible wisdom, intelligence and receptivity communicate quite cleariy what is most beneficial to their wholeness and health. This information is holographically received into their system and very often, profound shifts and transformations occur in their physical/emotional/mental/spiritual well being.


(sessions are offered remote via phone)
Adults/Young Adults/Teens/Children/Pets

  One Hour Phone Session


Half Hour Phone Session


One Hour in Person Session


  Hour and a Half in Person Session


How to schedule and make payment for your session:

Payment for your session is to be received via the Paypal buttons above.

We will then coordinate the scheduling of the date and time of your session.
You will receive the number to call
and will phone Mariko upon your scheduled session date and time.

For any questions, please e-mail:

  48 hour advance cancellation notice required with all sessions. 
Client is responsible for 100% of the session fee. Sessions are non-refundable. If cancellation is prior to 48 hour notice,
the session fee can be applied to a future scheduled session.


By confirming and accepting your appointment with Mariko Yamamoto,
you understand and accept the following:

Mariko Yamamoto is not responsible for the result of the client’s session
and no promises or guarantees are made.
The client is 100% responsible for any experiences received or actions taken based upon their perception
and interpretation of the insights during and after the session.
Mariko Yamamoto does not diagnose or treat.
A session with Mariko Yamamoto is not meant to replace sound medical,
mental, emotional and/or legal advice and services.
The session and any information is intended as a guideline only for self realization purposes.
The fee is paid for the time/energy Mariko Yamamoto uses on your behalf.
By accepting to have a session with Mariko Yamamoto,
you release Mariko Yamamoto from any and all legal responsibility from your session,
prior to, during and thereafter.