"The Heart is the Bridge to Infinity"
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The Joy of Spirit…

   The Beauty of the Soul…

      The Miracle of the Present Moment...

“The Infinite Possibilities Session is the best kept secret in Sedona!” D.R., Life Coach

“I was absolutely transported into another dimension of healing and uplift. What a truly fun and fulfilling experience! I highly recommend this session for anyone who wishes to tap into their highest well being.”
L.S., Acupuncturist

“I’ve received sessions of every kind, nothing compares to all the palpable shifts in my body and being.
The session was amazing and miraculous. The messages I received were synchronistic and enlightening.” 
C.T., Reiki Master

Do you wish to:
  • Reconnect with your Soul, Highest Source Potential and Divine Guidance?
  • Awaken your inner “shaman” and activate the infinite “medicine” within?
  • Trust your deep core wisdom and intuition?
  • Release and transform non-life giving patterns and birth the new?
  • Activate your sacred purpose and joyful creativity?
  • Fully express your natural gifts, talents and abilities?
  • Experience inner and outer harmony and well being?
  • Radiate your natural beauty and glow?
  • Flow with the rhythms of Universe and feel your connection to the Circle of Life?
  • Deepen and expand your natural healing abilities?
  • Make a difference and contribute to the highest good of all?


is truly a quantum approach to transformation, working directly
with the patterns of light and information which make up our “world.”
Not only can this be fun and magical, but can profoundly facilitate a re-awakening
and re-connection to one’s Authentic Nature and Destiny.

 Profound transformations and benefits can ripple throughout one’s life including these areas:
transforming and clearing limiting patterns/beliefs, fears and reality constructs, opening to new perceptions, feeling states, multi-dimensional awareness and miraculous possibilities,
the experience of well being and harmony in relationships,
inspired creativity and expression of one’s gifts, talents and abilities,
aligning with and living one’s joyful soul purpose, heightening one's intuitive abilities
and receptivity to inner guidance and wisdom, fulfillment in career,
peace and empowerment and enjoyment of one’s inner radiance and unlimited abundance.
The true journey begins within...

Sacred Heart Magic is dedicated to facilitating the living of one’s Sacred Truth
in the PRESENT, experiencing one’s natural state of health,
radiant joy and Soul’s highest potential.

Every INFINITE POSSIBILITIES SESSION is completely unique and inspired for each individual.
Together, we embark upon a spiritual sojourn into the “Unified Field of the Heart”
(also known as the “Zero Point Field,” “Source Consciousness,” “Realm of Infinity")
 where transformation is possible...

This non-traditional, alchemical approach
may include some of the following, but not limited to:


Register for your Infinite Possibilities Session Now

One Hour Phone Session $175

Half Hour Phone Session $90

One Hour in Person Session $222

Hour and a Half in Person Session $297

Special Session Sunday May 9, 2021

  INFINITE POSSIBILITIES SESSIONS with Mariko are offered remote worldwide by phone...
One may also inquire about the possibility of a session with Mariko in person in Sedona
by e-mailing SacredHeartMagic@gmail.com

“Wow, I merged completely into the Light, until that’s all there was.” M.A., Nutritionist

"Beyond Words!!!" D.R., Reiki Master

“Our dog was literally on her last legs and now she has her appetite back and is full of pep.” C.T., Breeder

“My skills and abilities have expanded exponentially since your session.
 I used to spend a lengthy time with my clients and students but they are experiencing
shifts quite quickly.”  P.C., Healer

“My 'psychic vision' opened up for the first time during my session. I am seeing the world in a whole new way.” T.M., Engineer

“Since our work together, I have found a peace, joy and clarity that is remarkable.
I am mentioning the miracle of the session to my friends.” M.L., Business Manager

“I appreciate feeling so safe. My true Essence and Spirit were seen. ” R.K.

“Pure beauty and poetry in motion.” A.O., Lifelong Healer