Sacred Heart

The Shamanic Breathwork™ Experience

            "Breathing Peace and Possibility Into a New World"


Are you willing to discover the deepest mysteries and secrets of your Soul?
BREATHE the Truth of Who You Are...
Clear your past. Download your future. Live the present.

Please check back for upcoming events.
We look forward to our magical time together!

As Shamanic Breathwork can bring up intense and powerful physical and emotional experiences, 
it is advised to check with your licensed medical/legal professional before participating. 
Shamanic Breathwork is not recommended for those with cardio-vascular challenges, epilepsy, recent surgeries 
and/or injuries, pregnancy, psychosomatic and/or mental-emotional health challenges.


"I am turning 50 this year and this by far has been the most life changing and meaningful experience
I can honestly ever remember! I also got in touch with my true dreams and it has been the spark
for making the changes
that made the difference."  A.L.

"I received here what I have been seeking a lifetime for through all other means." R.N.

"One of the most powerful experiences in my life." D.R.

"An answer to my prayers. I asked for a miracle and got it." G.W.

"I experienced an entire lifetime review...with this awareness, I was able to forgive,
see the underlying causes of things, release the past and love myself. This all occurred in the timeless moment." M.N.

"I've been on a spiritual path for a long time and have been on many 'shamanic' journeys.
This is the epic journey that connected me with true Spirit and the depth of inner resources." R.B.

"One of the most incredibly special experiences I've ever had!" D.S.

Mariko facilitates on going private, group and community Shamanic Breathwork
including those for Sedona's premier retreat and healing centers.
When the opportunity arises, group breathwork sessions are scheduled throughout the community.
Please check back often for upcoming group Shamanic Breathwork Journeys and special events.
We look forward to meeting you in divine sacred time and space...

"Awakening the Heart of the Shaman Within"

"To breathe is to become truly present. When you are here, life is here also." Thich Nhat Hanh

"In the breath, all IS." Mary Burmeister, Jin Shin Jyutsu Master Teacher

The Shamanic Breathwork™ Experience can help us navigate personal and planetary transformation
and evolution through consciousness, awareness, joy and freedom.
This highly experiential journey utilizes the transformational power of:

Shamanic Breathwork™
Chakra Attuned Music
Focused Bodywork
Energy Work
Art Process and Facilitation

The Shamanic Breathwork™ Experience
is a pathway to accelerated growth and has the potential to facilitate instantaneous, profound and permanent changes which transform, shift, enlighten and bless
our entire hologram of life, activating our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being.
Take a magical leap into the life enhancing depths of your True Core Self and Infinite Wisdom.

Be transported to the sacred timeless place shamans have spiritually journeyed to for thousands of years
to access deep altered transcendent and life transforming states.
Without the use of any outside substances, have access to these states
through the pure life giving power of breath.
  Activate your Visionary Shaman and Eternal Sacred Medicine.

A safe circle for those traveling the life giving path of transformation and soulful evolution.
The original dream of wholeness is nurtured, new seeds planted
and supported to thrive beyond one's wildest imaginings.

"When we honor our bodies, our health and emotional needs,
we make space for our dreams to come into being.
When we speak the Truth from our hearts, we allow life abundant to continue upon our Mother Planet."
Jamie Sams


"Within the first Shamanic Breath I was in my spiritual journey.  Within the hour of the actual breathwork session,
I had transformed into divine time and divine instruction. 
Thank you for my beautiful Shamanic journey.  I vow to never forget.
I will be back for another spiritual journey! Thank you."  S.M.

"Best experience and highlight of my life!" G.T.

"The Shamanic Breathwork is what my soul has been seeking and yearning for.
Mariko’s facilitation and the group dynamics along with the power of the breath created a field
of profound transformation on many levels. I feel full and whole and complete." U.T.

"What occurred is nothing short of a miracle. The safe sacred space held is unlike any other
and I was able to reach a depth within me that opened the door to the breakthrough I was searching for." D.W.

"My mother is about to transition. Thanks to the breathwork experience,
I am totally at peace with this final journey."  T.M.

"I experienced being birthed and giving birth to the new life within me." A.G.

" Full access to the no time no space place where all is possible...witnessed the inner workings of the universe." M.Y.

"All I know is that for that kind of life altering experience, there had to be good intent." B.R.

"This multidimensional experience helped me to REMEMBER 
and to regain access to parts of myself, including my Authentic Self and Voice." L.R.

"I received what I would call the 'healing' in one session that I could not ever get to in over 25 years of therapy."  P.A.

"I have never felt as much energy nor access to such extraordinary states in consciousness and awareness
as I have in the breathwork experience." J. H.

"Thank you for creating such a beautiful, nurturing and safe space for myself and all.
I released heaps and birthed anew…Wow!" M.C.

"The visions are still very crystal clear and becoming more meaningful and integrating as each day progresses.
I am at peace and acceptance like never before. I am forever grateful." L.M.

"I am amazed. It has been months and I am still receiving insights and 'ah-has' and feel things are still allowing me to shift
into new states due to the breathwork." C.T.

"The breathwork was life changing for me. It cleared out deep grief I know I've been carrying for lifetimes." C.F.

"I have been a sceptic all my life. I really did not expect anything at all. To my surprise,
I instantly went into a profound and amazing journey." G.W.

"Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration to live outside the box,
to go for it and to be with the bigness of who we are." B.L.

"I unexpectedly received the vision and inspiration for my business as well as a new name." K.T.

"This uncovered things beyond my imagination that started my deepest core healing process." P.Y.

"Sedona brought me true sacred "medicine" with the experience of the Shamanic Breathwork
and your wondrous compassion and facilitation. What a gift. I am more conscious of my breath
and receive on going benefit." D.B.

"This journey not only offered a heightened experience of awareness,
but I felt the shifts and changes take place on a cellular level." F.N.

"Beyond my highest expectations." P.L.

"WOW and beyond!!!" J.D.



"If we want to enter Heaven on Earth,
we need only one conscious step and one conscious breath..." Thich Nhat Hanh

One on One Private Session with Mariko
(2-2.5 hours)



Ask About a Private Session with a Partner ~ Spouse, Friend, Family Member, etc.
(session is approx. 2-3 hours)

Ask About Group Rates with Family Members, Friends, Gatherings, Retreats, etc.
RESERVE NOW for Group Private Session (session is approx. 2-3 hours)
$175 Reservation Deposit on Group Session

The Shamanic Breathwork sessions are at a special location (which is reserved in advance),
  a space highly conducive and supportive to the breathwork journey.
  48 hour advance cancellation notice required with all sessions.
Extensive preparation takes place prior to each session.
If a cancellation is not given in advance within 48 hours notice, a client is responsible for 100% of the session fee.
For private group sessions, the $150 deposit is non-refundable.

As the breathwork can bring up intense and powerful physical and emotional experiences,
it is advised to check with your licensed medical/legal professional before attending this session/class.
This session/class is not recommended for those with cardio-vascular challenges, epilepsy, recent surgeries and/or injuries, pregnancy, psychosomatic and/or mental-emotional health challenges.

To support a life enhancing experience and healing environment, please refrain from using chemical substances
including drugs (except those prescribed by your medical professional), including alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana as well as chemicals upon the body such as strong scented perfumes, lotions, shampoos, hairsprays, etc. prior to
and immediately following the breathwork experience.

Host a Shamanic Breathwork™ Gathering with your friends, loved ones and associates…

Please e-mail to schedule and to find out about group rates

Linda Rawles Group Wednesday, February 27 at 6pm